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Monday 8 August 2011

What a Busy Month July Has Been (Part Three)

My OH and I decided we would travel back to south west France this year for our holiday.  We stayed in Les Sables D'olonne about 30 years ago and had a fabulous time. We weren't disappointed this time around.  We  found a tenth floor apartment overlooking the sea and it was great to just relax and read and totally chill out.  We went walking around the town, visited a few bars (where I got legless after two beers!) and just found a restaurant when we were hungry.  It was fun trying the rusty French again.  These are the views from the apartment.

While we wre in France I had the best of news that my eldest son had received the outcome of the recent scans.  They could find nothing in the head scan where the brain tumour had been removed and a shadow on his lung.  This, apparently, is manageable but not curable. He will have radiotherapy for anything lurking still in his head and some chemo for the shadow. I cried. 

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Sarah said...

Oh Jennie, that's fabulous news about your son, huge hugs for you all. I am so happy for you. Your holiday pics are beautiful, hope you enjoyed a relaxing time with plenty of vin and fromage xxx