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Sunday 22 January 2012

New Kit on the Block

For an absolute age I've wanted a stand mixer, aka a KitchenAid.   I've got a food processor and a hand whisk etc. but not the big model.  For my birthday my OH has bought me this gorgeous KitchenAid in the colour, Cafe-Latte from Wheesh who couldn't have been more helpful and gave me the new Beater Blade as a freebie.

I felt I had to make OH a cake as a thank-you and dug out all the cake baking books and decided to start easy-peasy first of all and chose a Mary Berry Victoria Sponge all-in-one mix.  The KitchenAid cookbooks, being American, are so very expensive. I had seen the KitchenAid being used in the BBC TV show, The Great British Bake-Off  and contestants used Mary's recipe in one episode so I felt I could manage.  I threw everything in the bowl, started the mix off on a low speed and the new beater and after a couple of minutes, it was ready. This is the remnants of an 8 inch sponge with Kitty looking gorgeous in a pearlised ivory.


Choccy said...

Ooooh Jennie that cake looks scrummy !!!
Have a little internet search i am sure that you will find some yummy receipes.
I must say your new gfift looks very posh :O)
Choccy xx

Highland Handmade said...

Wow look at that cake!! beautiful! Hope you will share the recipe! x

Ali said...

Enjoy your new toy!! I;d love one dont think I'd use it but just stroke it - lol xx

Sarah said...

Ooohhh I am so envious, I would love one, hope you have loads of fun with it xxx